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Book of Dreams

by Joshua Keiter

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There’s nothing you can do or say to change my mind There’s nothing you can do or say to change my mind If you stay right where you are you won’t be left behind There’s nothing you can do or say to change my mind Oh keep me hidden in your book of dreams for awhile Said for awhile Listen to the words are scratching at your door Keep a record of the words a scratching at your door Déjà vu’s a word that I have heard before Bear in mind the words are scratching at your door Oh keep me hidden in your book of dreams for awhile Said for awhile
Return 03:32
She folds her hands and sits there with a blank expression It seems like years have passed without a second guess reflection She closes her eyes and wishes she lived in a dream She pretends she doesn’t notice she is fast asleep And she will return She starts a conversation but there’s nothing to be said She believes that life is easy when it’s planned out in her head But dreams are mistaken for worries and she isn’t a child anymore She likes to think she’s independent but she doesn’t know what for And she will return She seems so familiar but I believe we haven’t met She lives her life in the moment and embraces her regrets I wouldn’t dare approach her now she is dreaming again There’s a smile upon her face because the moment has to end And she will return
Sepia Tone 03:00
Set the world on fire now there’s nothing to call home Skip the second guesses they just leave you all alone Takes a little time to catch your breath and hold it in Before you know you let it out the whole thing starts again Time is running out you can’t keep up The hands are moving but you think you’re stuck Between the things you say and things you mean The revolution’s coming in your dreams Unidentifiable The window’s just a plate of glass there’s nothing to reveal You can’t even prove the things you see through it are real Close your eyes and try to find the space where all this starts You can take dictation by the beating of your heart And the sound you try to make is less than peace You’re only holding on to your release Don’t wait around for darkness until the dawn But enlightenment is always on Unidentifiable
Grace 04:33
I call out your name in my sleep It keeps me from having dreams I won’t let you drown me When you’re not around me Please don’t walk away just hold me still If you don’t let me go I will Why should I try to see You in my memory You’ll never be as close as skin This love never will begin If this is not for real then show your face Everything I feel turns to grace Grace You are so young The world is so old
Ride 07:43
Well I bite and I stumble over the dried leaves of the past Well I might be so humble as to wait awhile to let the moment last If I may consecrate the sacrilegious voices I hear I’ll delay but never wait for my life and blood to disappear But I want to be hypnotized By the silhouette of your eyes I want to be misled Come get these thoughts out of my head Well I’m tired, never sleeping holding onto what I want to burn But I’m inspired, and I’m keeping all the secrets that I have yet to learn And I want to find a different place in time Where I can tell the truth and live a lie I want to be misunderstood Justify myself by saying that I could be oh so creative and sincere Drive the nails into my hands of fear If I could touch you then all would be fine And these images would leave my mind I will lie by your side it’s a comfort to know you’re not alone But if I die on the outside will you find me a place to rest my bones I want to be mesmerized by the silhouette of your eyes By the words I cannot say aloud Everything is coming closer to me now I want to be half-disguised By the night vision within your swollen eyes I want to live somehow Tell me can you touch me now?
Smile 04:15
I’m hiding for the moment in my shadow But you can still see me quite clear I’m mirroring the colors of the rainbow They’ll all blend into one one day I fear I’m not to be mistaken or misspoken You just appeared that way out of the blue And when you said you loved me you were joking Can’t say you knew the joke was on you In all my memories you stand alone Because I never could stand at your side My soul from its windy cage has up and flown It doesn’t like what it’s seen of the outside These images are nothing like a photograph They never wish to stay in just one place I kept telling you I would have the last laugh But you won’t wipe that smile off of your face I may have been too vague or just too distant In all our past elusive conversation Don’t blame me if I’m getting reminiscent It’s only born of unkempt resignation There’s nothing left to talk about I guess I’m walking headfirst into unhinged doors You meanwhile are taking off your dress Throwing it in my face and on the floor I guess now I’m alone I’m better off If only I could say that I was free You’re naked and you can’t admit you’re lost Just what are you doing in my memory? These images are nothing like a photograph They never wish to stay in just one place I kept telling you I would have the last laugh But you won’t wipe that smile off of your face
No need to whisper no need to shout I’ve seen the scars you’ve weathered and I know what they’re about Time needs a number Time needs an end There’s no time left together no time left for us friend You’ve escaped the past you blinked your eyes so fast Now they’re catching up with you you have to slow them down Your bitter memories put you down upon your knees But you don’t need no rosaries you don’t want god around Find yourself angry find yourself pleased You found out your hide and seek left you counting behind the trees Forgive me for this worry forgive but don’t forget You knew it was me all along but you hadn’t met me yet But I can’t cure you now I just wouldn’t know how Only you know how to shatter the memories that haunt you still But if you count up to ten I’ll come running for you friend If you want me to hide you if you want me to seek you, I will
Matter Made 03:36
I’ve seen the tears turn into years and more and more besides I’ve watched the past become a mask I’ve used to shade my eyes And when the summer turned to fall my life began to fade I loosed the reins, the slow refrains, the matter that I made My world is sheltered by the swelter of feelings lost in the tide Of shipwrecked seas, the slow disease, the meeting of the minds But I’ll escape these withered traits and shed another skin No matter when I’ll survive again another life will begin This shattered lifeline, coarse and refined threads a miracle mile Beyond the grave, I risk a wave the window breaks a smile And who will meet me, who will greet me? Who will I walk beside? Will the course I’ve left divorce the mask from my eyes? I’ll leave it all, I’ve seen the fall, the order has been paid You’ll know me when I no longer spend the matter that I made And when I take the real from fake no need to be dismayed I’ll wait until I empty my fill of the matter I have made


This album consists of songs and instrumentals dating back to 1998. I started recording in the summer of 2002, guitar and voice on a Tascam 4-Track cassette recorder. Eventually I transferred the tracks to a computer, adding more vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard and drums (via a Casio). I wrapped up final mixing in the spring of 2004 using the PC program n-Track Studio.

These are songs that have been with me for a long while, and they still mean a lot to me. I haven't written or recorded much in the past few years, but I'm happy to share this album with whoever will give a listen. I hope you enjoy it. And I hope there will be more to come.


released August 11, 2004

All songs written, performed, and produced by Joshua Keiter © 2004


all rights reserved



Joshua Keiter Pennsylvania

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